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Measurement RSSI and Latency in Wireless Access Point

Measurement RSSI and Latency in Wireless Access Point

1. Practical Tools and Materials RSSI and Latency

  1. Access Point TP-Link WA701ND                : 1 Unit
    (Include Antenna, Power Adaptor DC)
  2. Straight Cable                                            : 1 Unit
  3. Measuring Tape/Meteran                        : 1 Unit
  4. Cable Roll                         
  5. PC/Laptop                                                  : 1 Unit
  6. Smartphone                                               : 1 Unit           
  7. Software Vistumbler (For PC)                   : Download Here
  8. WIFI Router Master (For Smartphone)     : On Play Store & Apps Store

2. Procedure Practicum


RSSI, or “Received Signal Strength Indicator,” is a measurement of how well your device can hear a signal from an access point or router. It’s a value that is useful for determining if you have enough signal to get a good wireless connection. Note, Because an RSSI value is pulled from the client device’s WiFi card (hence “received” signal strength), it is not the same as transmit power from a router or AP.


Latency is the time that passes between a user action and the resulting response. Network latency refers specifically to delays that take place within a network, or on the Internet. In practical terms, latency is the time between a user action and the response from the website or application to this action – for instance, the delay between when a user clicks a link to a webpage and when the browser displays that webpage.

Fig.1 Procedure Practicum

  • Table for recording measurement data

Name of SSID / Wireless Name         :
Manufacture                                      :
Longitude / Latitude AP                    :
Measurement Instrument 1              : Handphone / PC

( IP:        .          .         .       )
Measurement Instrument 2              : Handphone / PC

( IP:        .          .         .       )

Table.1  Measurement RSSI + Latency in 0o  (Use Compass).

Table.2  Measurement RSSI and Latency in 45o (Use Compass).

Table.3  Measurement RSSI and Latency in 90o (Use Compass).

Table.4  Measurement RSSI and Latency in 135o (Use Compass).

Table.5  Measurement RSSI and Latency in 180o (Use Compass).

Table.6  Measurement RSSI + Latency in 225o (Use Compass).

Table.7  Measurement RSSI + Latency in 270o (Use Compass).

Table.8  Measurement RSSI + Latency in 315o (Use Compass).

Please Create Chart Radar Degree vs. Distance VS RSSI in Office applications for Instrument 1 & Instrument 2 (Example)

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