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Download IP Cam Viewer PRO (Update) – Android & IOS

Download IP Cam Viewer PRO (Update) – Android & IOS
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IP Cam viewer! The internal web server allows the application remote control to be used as a video wall and video recorder. For example, I run the application in record mode on a tablet that is hung on the wall so that it functions as a recorder and display. With the default web server, I can access applications remotely to change settings and even view feeds. With access to feeds, you can use the application as a transcoder for all devices it supports by taking it from a web server and uploading it to your website. There is even a driver (“IP Cam Server”) for viewing application video feeds from other mobile devices.

Application Download (PRO)

New! Motion detection integrated in the application works with all cameras. Play sound in the viewer when motion is detected. Only recording movements are detected in Record Mode. Motion email notification options.

New! Record Mode that turns any backup Android device into a solid state, 24/7 battery-supported network recorder for your standalone IP camera. Allows playback, search and export to video clips.

New! Background Audio mode (click Menu in Gallery View) where audio will still play even after you switch to another application or lock the screen. This includes motion detection sound warnings.

You can remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, and Network Video Recorder using Android.

Supports SSL, H.264, MPEG4, RTSP, ONVIF, motion detection, 2-way audio on multiple cameras, pan / tilt, optical zoom, presets, relay control and digital pinch to zoom in.

Matrix View

With more than 1900+ different cameras / models supported, IP Cam pulls all your surveillance video feeds into one application with matrix display, gallery display, digital zoom mode, home screen widget, and motion detection sound warning.

Includes Record Mode which turns a backup Android device into a solid DVR with a solid battery for your IP camera. You can search and play previous recordings and export clips to video files. Supports optional motion detection per camera to extend recording time. Motion notifications available.

Support Apps IP Cam Viewer:

  • SSL and HTTPS encryption for privacy
  • RTSP, H.264, MPEG4, ONVIF and more video formats
  • Two-way audio communication for multiple cameras
  • Pan tilt and zoom (PTZ), presets
  • Relay that can be set like turning on / off the lights and garage door
  • special controls such as patrol (varies with various models)
  • Home screen and lock screen widget
  • matrix display, gallery display, and automatic sequence mode
  • double-tap to zoom.
  • camera grouping to reset and for quick withdrawals.
  • Export and Import and share cameras
  • Browser integration
  • Application password to protect access from others
  • 24/7 camera footage
  • Motion detection in the application works with all cameras
  • scan camera capabilities
  • Automatic sequence of cameras and groups
  • background audio mode
  • mass action in matrix display
  • Keep the application itself away with the default web server
  • Use the application as a transcoder to urge jpeg / mjpeg feeds for supported cameras

Cross platform support means you will share cameras and configurations between your iOS and Android devices.

For device support you can check this link
For check defaults port IP Camera check this link

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